Eastern Promise

Chapter 8 - Time Bandits

After resting for several hours in the dock boat house.

Chapter 7 - Promise to a Demon

After a heavy night of drinking in the Cliff and Rope Inn.

Chapter 6 - The port town of Northholt

Entering Northholt the adventurers notice that it has been occupied by the Army of Dartchester

Chapter 5 - Trial of the Ogre King

Making a stretcher out of branches for the poisoned elf the band of adventurers head North West

Chapter 4 - Poisonous Past

After camping for several days tending to serious wounds Abram and Chancer are able to get back on they feet. Chancer sporting an impressive scare on his cheek.
They interrigate there captured thug for more information about gangs intentions only finding that they came form Halgate. Chancer found a wanted poster of himself in the leaders pocket keeping it for himself.
They set off east again prisoner in tow as they exit the wood in the distance they see a ruined barracks of some kind. They Venture cautiously into the stone fortication only for Niemma to be grabbed by a strange pale well equiped man sporting a greatsword and ornate dagger to Niemma’s neck. Asking what all the other adventures want with his elf.
Abram distracts the man giving Niemma a chance o escape only to be stabbed by the blade of the poisoned dagger the pale man was holding. She falls to the ground unconcious. Blackhood says to the adventurers if they wish to save there elf the must prove them selves and disappears from sight. The group look into how Niemma id poisoned and find they’ll have to head for the mountains to the west where dartchester assissins are using a cave system to infiltate windfell valley, to see if they can find any clue on how to cure Niemma before its too late.
Burns McHue begrudgingly goes with them.

Chapter 3 - The Rude Awakening

Orc tries and opens front door.
Door does budge Orc forces door.
Door smashes open large infected troll enters lodge.
McHue Runs for it.
Orc engages Troll missing and taking several wounds in the process.
Cleric branding troll and healing fellow adventurers. Niemma doing serious damage but being thrown around.
Chancer does do much but then figures he can talk the infected troll in to stop fighting and advises him on another food source.
Troll heads for Halgate.

McHue reads map and they head east again deciding to head through the woods instead of the marshes as fearing for more trolls.
Niemma notices a gang of thugs hiding in trees ahead of them. Chancer hatches a plan to trick the gang as he hears there looking for him.
They all spread out hiding in the undergrowth. As Chancer sets the trap only for it to spring to early having him face the leader of the gang.
Abram is over whelmed by three thugs as he defends McHue and falls.
Chancer is beat to an inch of his life only to e saved by Niemma skills making the gang leader yield.
After seeing his friend chancer downed Orc takes revenge and smashes the gang leaders skull in with his war hammer splattering blood over Niemma.

Chapter 2 - The Journey Begins

Set out through the kergorn pass to the wilderness of the kergorn.
Attacked by Spider Orc and Niemma drive it off
Arrive at Lodge
Empty lodge search for people make too much noise zombies come out of marshes.
Niemma trapped outside chancer stays inside.
Mc Hue finds Map.
Chancer tries to get map off him.
Chancer drives through window and kills zombie.
Orc clears up.
Cleric battles hard zombie and is infected.
Sleep in lodge after battle.

Chapter 1 - Meeting Burns McHue

After travelling for many days across the Realm of Windfell Valley Abram Daedalus and Niemma Telemnar enter the small settlement of Halgate. Tired from their journey they enter the Goblin’s Head to rent a room for the night. As they enter the warm establishment they are greeted with an almost empty room. Niemma notices a drunken man wearing a ridiculous top hat and a hardy Orc drinking in the corn of the room. As she walks to the bar she also sees a nervous looking well dress man looking completely out of his element.

Abram asks innkeeper to help him locate Burns McHue they’ve travelled to see. Innkeeper points to the nervous man near the bar. As Abram thinks about approaching him the top hated drunk tries to dare Burns only for Burns to make an arse of him.

After the top hatted chancer sits back at his table a women and a stern man enter the inn going straight for chancer punching him in he face demanding his money for the service the girl had done for him. Lie Chancer tries to pass off as a twin but fails in the end the orc has to intimdate the man to stop any bloodshed.
After see this Burns McHue hires Abram, Niemma, Chancer and Orc to reopen trade with the eastern realms! Adding the pocket watch to sweeten the deal with chancer.


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